Your logistics provider

SCS Smart Connection Solutions Ltd. Oy is the complete warehousing and logistics provider focused on electronic components handling.

Our main business activities are: high-quality organization of multimodal transportations and transfers, full range of warehouse services, export and import forwarding services.

Our warehouse is capable of any kind of warehousing operations such as splitting, storage, picking orders, labeling and shipping required by any need of a customer. The license for bonded warehouse FI2287010-3R001 allows any kind of processing even for good not released into free circulation within EU.

Our forwarding department runs shipping services worldwide precisely issuing all necessary transport, customs and specially required documents.

Why choose us?

  • More than 10 years on the market.
  • Own warehouse premises in EU (Finland).
  • Full range of warehousing and logistics services.
  • Professional and experienced team.


SCS Smart Connection Solutions Ltd. Oy
Vat ID: FI2287010-3
Takojantie 18
FI 48220 Kotka